Technical Support

We can provide detailed technical advice across all aspects of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and use based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our specialists and associates. 

Technology Evaluation 

We can help you determine the value and suitability of a technology to meet your specific goals. This includes processes and equipment for producing hydrogen by reforming, electrolysis or ammonia cracking and fuel cell systems for all applications.

Techno-economic Analysis

We understand the detailed cost structure of hydrogen energy technologies down to the raw materials and sub-component level. We can use this knowledge to determine cost/benefit trade-offs to ensure that your product meets the performance, lifetime and economic requirements of each application.

Training and Education

It can be time consuming to develop an appropriate understanding of this new technology. We can quickly bring you up to speed on the key aspects of any relevant process, product or application to enable you to make quick, confident choices. 

For more information on how we can help you develop an understanding of hydrogen energy technologies, please contact us