Hydrogen will be a critical component of the future low-carbon energy system and provides an enormous opportunity for investors, early adopters and disruptors.

EnAcumen is an innovative, specialist consultancy that provides detailed insights to organisations considering, or actively pursuing, a future that involves hydrogen energy. We have a deep understanding of hydrogen production technologies and the applications that use hydrogen as a clean energy source. In addition, we have extensive personal experience of the challenges faced when commercialising these technologies.

Our purpose is to use our knowledge to help companies make the best choices they can, to benefit from the business opportunities that are arising from the global transition to clean energy. We work one-on-one with companies to inform, shape, and implement their clean energy strategies for the long term.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fuel cell and electrolyser technology, including catalysts, membranes, membrane electrode assemblies, stacks and systems
  • Reforming technology, including steam and autothermal reforming at large and small scale
  • The application of fuel cell technology in transport, portable and stationary power applications
  • Energy storage, including the relative merits of hydrogen, batteries and redox flow batteries
  • Hydrogen as a low/zero-carbon feed stock and its potential in chemical manufacturing
  • Carbon capture, storage and use (CCU/S)
  • Technologies and economics of alternative hydrogen energy carriers such as ammonia and methanol
  • The practicalities and economics of transporting hydrogen, ammonia and other clean energy carriers by road, rail and sea
  • Market analysis relating to hydrogen production, and the full range of applications
  • Value chain analysis to determine costs, pricing and added value from basic materials to end-use applications
  • Quantitative risk analysis using market knowledge, financial and scenario modelling to support investment decisions.
  • Business model and strategy development
  • Identification and assessment of investment opportunities, including due diligence

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