Benefits of fuel cells


Fuel cells can be of any scale, from milliwatts to megawatts of power and can be used in hundreds of different applications from mobile phone chargers, to cars, buses ad as a source of heat and electrical power for factories and neighbourhoods. They can be static, mobile or portable and are quiet in operation. They have very few moving parts and require very little maintenance.

Doosan 440kW fuel cell system

Environmental Performance

Since hydrogen fuel cells don’t produce air pollutants or greenhouse gases, they are a totally sustainable option for energy production.

Energy Efficiency

Fuel cells are substantially more efficient than combustion engines. For co-generation applications, where fuel cells generate both heat and electricity, efficiencies can be up to 90%.

Fuel Flexibility

There are many types of fuel cells, and each can operate in a clean manner using different fuels including hydrogen, natural gas, methanol, ethanol and biogas.

SFC Energy portable fuel cells fuelled by methanol

Health Benefits

Hydrogen fuel cells only produce heat and water. There is no burning of fuel and therefore they produce no NOx, SOx or particulates which are harmful to health.


Fuel cells can readily be combined with other energy technologies, such as batteries, wind turbines, solar panels, and super-capacitors.