About us

We are an independent consultancy providing expert insights into the technological and commercial aspects of hydrogen, fuel cell technologies and redox flow batteries. The team also has a wealth of business management, business development and executive coaching experience.

Our purpose is to use our knowledge and experience to help companies make the best choices they can to reduce air pollution, decarbonise their activities and benefit from the business opportunities that are arising from the global transition to clean energy.

We have particularly strong links to the chemical industry and are active in supporting a number of chemical companies to decarbonise their activities through the use of hydrogen, fuel cells and large-scale energy storage.

We provide advice on:

  • Fuel cells for the production of low/zero carbon power and heat at all scales
  • Hydrogen for zero-emission transport applications
  • Hydrogen refuelling for fuel cell vehicles
  • Hydrogen as a zero-carbon feed stock for basic chemical manufacture (petrochemicals, ammonia, methanol etc.)
  • Large-scale energy storage technologies for grid balancing, such as redox flow batteries and hydrogen produced by water electrolysis
  • Fuel cell, electrolysis and redox flow battery equipment specification and procurement
  • Innovative business model and strategy development
  • Business development, sales and marketing 
  • Education and training 
  • Writing and submitting funded programme applications