Amid concerns about EVs and batteries, Audi returns focus to hydrogen fuel cell

By | May 9, 2019

Bruce Brown

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Referring to electric vehicles in general, Schot said, “If this modality is here to stay, then you have to try to find the most effective and efficient way to drive electric. And then you come to hydrogen fuel cells.”

Audi will focus on increasing driving range and lessening the need to recharge vehicles in cold weather and during long trips. At the auto show in 2016, Audi claimed the h-tron Quattro concept could travel up to 372 miles and refuel in under four minutes.

The sixth-generation hydrogen fuel cell system could be incorporated into hybrid systems that include a battery. One proposed hybrid model could travel up to 93 miles on battery power alone based on a 35 to 40 kWh battery capacity.

hyundai fuel cell electric self driving hyunda autonomous vehicle 1

Hyundai and Audi are working together on the new fuel cell technology. The two auto companies announced a cross-licensing agreement in 2018. In February 2018 Hyundai introduced three fuel-cell-electric, autonomous versions of the Nexo SUV, with a 372-mile range per charge, similar to the original h-tron’s capability.

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